Buy Solar cars and automobiles from us. Sun Energy Community Development Initiative – SECODI is the No.1 Solar company in Nigeria. they are the first company to introduce solar cars into Nigeria. In addition to arrays of solar products sold by this company, Solar car is one of the best products you can ever think of.

Also, SECODI offers solar cars, solar Keke, solar buses, solar SUVs and many more.

Imagine a vehicle that saves you the cost of buying petrol, and the cost of engine maintenance. By getting a solar car, you are investing in renewable energy while helping to reduce the effects of fossil fuel on our environments. We all know that the use of fossil fuel has been the cause of global warming and ozone layer depletion.

Hence, in order to make sure that we help solve the problems which have been caused by the use of fossil fuel; we have made the cost of our solar cars and automobiles very affordable. As a result, our online mall has been rated as the best and no.1 mall in Nigeria where you can buy solar cars and automobiles.


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